About the Bounty/Grant Proposals category

If you have an idea of what you would like to do for the DAO to earn $DBL we would love to hear from you - submit your proposal to the brethren court here for review.

:bulb: Contribution Template

Contribution Summary: A simple description of the proposed work you want to do for Galleon DAO, end result and desired change; should be no more than a few succinct sentences.

Motivation: Explain why this proposed contribution is necessary or useful for Galleon DAO, again, short and sweet.

Specification: A detailed description of parameters, implementation steps, any requested resources from the DAO, and a clear plan of how you want to go forward. Length does not matter here but we should have a clear idea of what exactly the output is and how it is achieved.

Reward: What would you like to be paid by the DAO to execute and deliver on your proposal, please quote this in USD ($), rewards will be paid out in a $DBL 3 day MA market value at the time.

What happens next

  • Review - each proposal will be reviewed with a strict view on what is delivering value to the DAO near, medium or long term.

  • Outcome - we will reach back out to you on Discord, if accepted your proposal will be added to the Contributor Roadmap, assigned and ready for you to begin!

    Contributor Roadmap

  • Upon completion of the proposal, the team will review the output to ensure it is up to Galleon DAOs quality standards before paying out the reward. Contributors, especially repeat contributors will be eligible for Discord roles, bonuses and other subsequent initiatives down the line to create long term relationships with the crew.