Create Shareable Social Media Content on #ETHMAXY πŸ“ˆ

Contribution Summary: The Alfalfa Podcast will create educational content on $ETHMAXY to share on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. The goal will be to provide DAO members with short, edited clips that can educate on the benefits of $ETHMAXY.

Motivation: There are a handful of great written threads on $ETHMAXY on Twitter. Video clips are a more engaging way to educate people who are already bullish on ETH and stETH on the efficient higher yields of $ETHMAXY. Our intention is that better education = higher $ETHMAXY market cap = higher fees for the DAO.

Specification: The Alfalfa Podcast records every Wednesday and releases podcasts and videos on Fridays. This proposal is for the hosts to discuss $ETHMAXY on 4 consecutive podcasts. Each week’s discussion will be edited into bite sized clips for Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. The clips will be posted to the Alfalfa Podcast social channels and raw clip files will be posted to discord if DAO members do not want to reshare content from the Alfalfa Podcast social profiles.

Total number of clips: 16. One clip from 4 podcasts edited for 4 social media channels.

While we will discuss $ETHMAXY in our full episodes published to Apple podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube for 4 consecutive weeks, our podcast is new and still small with ~2000 downloads. The value in this proposal will come from creating new verbal and visual ways to show off $ETHMAXY in a shareable (and hopefully viral) format.

Here are a few clip examples for each social channel:

Twitter: Clip #1 Clip #2

Instagram: Clip #1 Clip #2

YouTube: Clip #1 Clip #2

TikTok: Clip #1 Clip #2

More information about the podcast with all relevant links:

We’ll look to specifically hit on:

  • Higher yields than just holding stETH

  • Faster and cheaper than leveraging up stETH manually

  • Bonus yields for LPing ETH/ETHMAXY

  • How validator yields accrue to ETHMAXY

  • Why now is the best time to buy ETHMAXY

Timelines: If approved, this project will start on the first Wednesday following approval. Clips will be released and shared weekly until the 4 episodes are complete.

Reward: $8000 paid in $DBL


Yes this is just epic. Super creative and valuable. :clap:

can’t wait to see these

Seems like a good way to spread the #ETHMAXY message

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