Galleon: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) analytics - June 2022

Greetings fellow Pirates,

Starting this month we will begin providing a (retrospective) monthly key performance indicators (KPIs) report which will include website, dapp, twitter and product analytics for the DAO.

We will gradually build on this process, hoping to provide transparent and valuable analytics to our investors and community. Please do feel free to add / review and provide feedback, all suggestions are welcome.

If you think a statistic worth capturing is missing feel free to recommend, as always the team will try and accommodate (depending on the data lift.)


The below covers data (from all sources) during the period 01/06/22 - 30/06/22*

Galleon Twitter Analytics

Cursed Pirates Twitter Analytics Analytics

Aggregate Product Analytics

ETHMAXY Analytics

For a greater breakdown of ETHMAXY token holders weight % : ETH Max Yield Index Token Contract and Distribution Chart and pricing here: $1,090.03 | ETH Max Yield Index (ETHMAXY) Token Tracker | Etherscan

BYE Analytics

*Average $BYE Yield has been tracking between 5-20% APY. However it has spiked both above and below this range due to the wider volatility within the market affecting funding rates.
For a greater breakdown of BYE token holders weight % : Basis Yield ETH Index Token Contract and Distribution Chart

ETHMAXY Dune dashboard can be found here for further information: Dune