Galleon: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) analytics - September 2022

Greetings fellow Pirates,

The below covers KPI data (from all sources) during the period 01/09/22 - 30/09/22*

Galleon Twitter Analytics

Cursed Pirates Twitter Analytics Analytics
Due to a data issue, unfortunately the September web traffic KPI data is irretrievable. The feed has been fixed and the analytics will continue from next month onward.

Galleon | Cursed Pirates Analytics

Aggregate Product Analytics

ETHMAXY Analytics

For a greater breakdown of ETHMAXY token holders weight % : ETH Max Yield Index Token Contract and Distribution Chart and pricing here: ETHMAXY Etherscan

BYE Analytics

*Average $BYE Yield has been tracking between -15% - 8% APY, due to the wider volatility within the market and directional uncertainty short volume has significantly increased and had a significant affect on funding rates. Despite this we believe by the end of the quarter funding rates should balance out and yield will increase.

For a greater breakdown of BYE token holders weight % : Basis Yield ETH Index Token Contract and Distribution Chart

ETHMAXY Dune dashboard can be found here for further information: Dune