GIP-5: Launch Portfolio Products


The Galleon core crew wishes to launch a number of Portfolio products, these (unlike our flagship products) use no leverage or hedging methodologies, they focus on key narratives that we believe will outperform the wider market in the coming months.


Following Galleon’s successful launch of two yield bearing structured products, the team has been researching and planning a number of portfolio product methodologies that we feel will outperform the wider market when market sentiment improves.

This classification of Portfolio products, they can be created at a low cost and aims to help round out Galleons offerings. Portfolio products are created to cover a certain theme/ecosystem that are low maintenance, with the primary onramp being to onboard people through flash issuance on our dapp.

Portfolios have no upfront commitment to liquidity or incentives, however will always be redeemable through smart contract infrastructure (users can always get their funds out of a portfolio). Additionally, based on a Portfolio products adoption, it may be upgraded to flagship status alongside extra financial commitment from the treasury.


Portfolios may advance to Flagship Product status if showing qualities of clear PMF through the following metrics:

  • Portfolio tokens minted & total AUM
  • Number of portfolio holders
  • Portfolio performance against benchmarks (USD & ETH)


Implementation: Product tickers are as followed

  • SPI
  • VOTE
  • FEES

Resources Requested:



Submitted GIP-5 to snapshot here

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